Environmental & Sustainability Policy


In caring for each other at work, it would be wrong to ignore the issues surrounding environmental care. It is the company’s policy that the enormity the environmental problems the world faces today and in the future are acknowledged.

The company’s aim is to encourage awareness of environmental issues both with our employees, and with our customers and clients through open communication.

We will continually make practical recommendations and take positive to minimise environmental damage in our day-to-day operations.

Company action

In order to help reduce the impact of our actions on the environment the following areas are continually targeted for action.


At all our operations we are extremely careful to minimise the use of energy such as electricity/gas in the use of lighting and heating. Such equipment will only be used when necessary. Thus, the use of fuel can be dramatically reduced, helping to minimise the discharge of noxious gases into the atmosphere.

We encourage the use of modern, economical and fuel-efficient devices, ensuring further energy saving.

Packaging materials

We actively encourage all our suppliers to reduce the volume of packaging materials they use for their products. Preference is given to those that use packaging materials that have been recycled or can be recycled, that contain nontoxic materials and will easily decompose following disposal. We encourage our staff to choose recycled materials when it is cost effective to do so.

Head office and regional offices use recycled paper for the majority of correspondence.

Waste materials

When we are involved in the disposal of waste materials, all our staff are encouraged to participate in local schemes to recycle as many of their products as possible. Paper products are recycled at all our Regional Offices.


Our staff are trained to use the exact quantities of chemicals in any day to day tasks that require such use so as to cut down on wastage. Chemicals are chosen that have the least impact on the environment during use and following disposal.

Management and Communication

We regularly communicate to our staff our policy on Environmental Care. They will receive internal information upon induction and initial employment within the company and through our internal communications material.

It is the day-to-day responsibility of our managers to ensure that the company Environmental Care Policy implemented by all operational staff who in turn are trained on their personal responsibilities to protect the environment whilst at work.

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