Concierge & Reception Security


Dynamic Security Solutions Ltd believes that a friendly and welcoming reception service leaves a great impression on visitors and makes them feel confident to return. Our concierge team is compiled of extremely dedicated and committed people who believe in providing exceptional customer care.

 We believe a concierge is at the forefront of any business and should be a kind, welcoming, presentable individual our clients will be proud to use again. At Dynamic Security our team is trained to treat each event, short term or long term with the same equal enthusiasm and professionalism. All our concierge security guards are SIA licensed and DBS checked as standard. 

Combined with professional SIA coaching, our guards offer an all-around solution to your reception and concierge needs. The business that mainly uses our concierge services are: 
  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Corporate offices
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Care homes
  • Serviced offices

Our offices represent the face of our company through the expert knowledge of their role, our values, and your company. They represent us by displaying how we work through the kind, polite, and understanding manner in which we train them to communicate with customers, staff, and colleagues. Our guards come well-dressed and well-prepared to work each day. 

Our Guards are Trained to:

  • Ensuring any contractor passes are valid and up to date.
  • Logging details of guests and customers to the location and maintaining full and correct written logs.
  • Inputting and accessing information from a PC-based database.
  • Remaining vigilant to anti-social behaviour and anything suspicious.
  • To direct visiting vehicles and delivery vehicles to the allocated space when required.
  • To lock and unlock the site at specified times.
  • To direct visiting vehicles and delivery vehicles to the allocated space when required.
  • Organizing storage, posts, and distributing incoming mail
  • Maintaining a strict no smoking policy
  • To monitor CCTV.

Our concierge security guards are trained to secure your premises and protect your staff by patrolling the property, inspecting access points, buildings, and equipment, and permitting entry to authorized personnel only. 

Our Guards Can:

  • Always maintain a professional, smart appearance
  • Be comfortable to confidently take on all duties.
  • Use their initiative and think smartly.
  • Prevent damage or loss to client property mistakes.
  • Work in a team and on their own
  • Be vigilant for signs of crime or wrongdoings and investigate disturbances.
  • Act as a Fire Marshal, Traffic Marshal, and First Aider.
  • Deal with customers, visitors, and employees in a skilled, professional manner.
  • Effectively monitor CCTV to prevent any crime and to ensure the health and safety of all guests and employees.
  • Take effective action in an emergency scenario and co-operate fully with the required service.
  • Carry out security patrols around the site perimeter and internal buildings.
  • Meet and greet employees, guests, and customers, being visible and encouraging with any help required.

5 Reasons Why Hire Our Concierge Security:

  • Better security
  • Employee, visitors, and customers safety
  • Reception administration
  • Receiving visitors professionally
  • Training to remain vigilant to anti-social behaviour.

Our supervisors are dedicated to making sure you receive the service by pay random nightly check visits to ensure our high standards are being maintained. Our 24 -hour control team is also at hand to offer guidance and advice to our staff and clients. We will keep in regular contact with our clients to ensure we get relevant feedback on our service. 

If you are looking to start a new concierge service with us or would like a comparison quote, we are available 24/7 to assist you. 

Please give us a call or email us to discuss your site requirements and how we can provide our top-class service.


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