Event Security Services


At Dynamic Security Solutions Ltd we can provide man guarding for a wide range of event services and can cater to all individual needs. We are available 24/7, nationwide and can cover even at short notice. Our event security guards carry out patrols of the entire premises and all access points to your event and are trained to pro-actively deal with any issues or anti-social behaviour during your events. They actively communicate with your team on all problems and provide a clear and concise record throughout the event. Our event security guards check and screen all guests and ticket holders and ensure they have authorized access to your event.

 We believe a concierge is at the forefront of any business and should be a kind, welcoming, presentable individual our clients will be proud to use again. At Dynamic Security our team is trained to treat each event, short term or long term with the same equal enthusiasm and professionalism. All our concierge security guards are SIA licensed and DBS checked as standard. 

We can successfully provide event security, nationwide for: 
  • Sporting events
  • Large scale events
  • Festival security
  • Film launches & Red-carpet events.
  • Club & pub events
  • Live Events
  • Office parties
  • Industry events
  • Private events

Our event security team can confidently reassure all guests at your event with our professional service. We can provide efficient, friendly access control, from checking guest lists to invitations and monitoring any suspicious behaviour or reporting any prohibited items. Our security team can ensure the safety of all your guest and VIP guests are always a top priority.

At Dynamic Security we take pride in ensuring our clients and customers are satisfied with the security service we provide them and take a personal and responsible role in making certain your event is well managed, safe for its staff and guests, and is a cost-effective value.  Our guards have a strict dress code to remain professional and well presented at all your events. We can accommodate all requirements and can ensure our guards are of the highest quality. Our event security guards have the companies dress code of:

  • Black suit
  • White shirt
  • Black tie
  • Black safety shoes
  • Hi-vis jackets.
  • Company ID card

This ensures they remain recognizable and comply with our rules and professionalism. 

If our security officers do not meet your requirements, please notify our 24/7 control room and we will endeavour to replace the officer. 

Recognizing Anti-Social Behaviour

Each of our security officers is SIA licensed and trained to the highest standards, with skills in access point security to ensure full co-operation and trained in recognizing suspicious behaviour such as racial, sexist, or other unreasonable and unacceptable behaviour, physical or verbal offensive behaviour, and drunk, aggressive, or challenging behaviour and are skilled to remain calm and firm in an assertive manner without provoking the individual. They are also aware of how to take responsible action if the matter escalates and shall inform the event management immediately. 

If you are looking to start a new concierge service with us or would like a comparison quote, we are available 24/7 to assist you. 

Besides ensuring the full safety of your guest and staff at your events, we can guarantee the best value for money as our security officers can also carry out other duties such as but not limited to:

  • Better security
  • Employee, visitors, and customers safety
  • Reception administration
  • Receiving visitors professionally
  • Training to remain vigilant to anti-social behaviour.

We can supply professional, skilled event security guards even at short notice to any site across the UK, so please do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour helpful team to discuss/ arrange a meeting for all your event security needs.

Cost-Effective Event Security Solutions:

At Dynamic Security we can provide fair and reasonable event security quotations. Please get in contact with our team to discuss the full detail, your event requirements, location, hours, and any other acts of service that may be necessary, so we can carefully assess and give you a cost-effective quote. 

Please get in contact with our 24/7 control team to learn how we can help with all your event needs. We also value feedback from our clients on all our event security services and hope to hear from you soon on

Please give us a call or email us to discuss your site requirements and how we can provide our top-class service.


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