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Vacant Property Security

A vacant property can be an empty building, house, office, or under-construction commercial building the owner does not currently occupy. Leaving property vacant is simply a means to enter into trouble.  Do you plan to leave your building empty for longer? Do you know empty properties are vulnerable to a range of risks? Are you worrying about your vacant property? Are you afraid of squatters? We have your vacant property security solution. 

We are vacant security guardians, taking several security measures to mitigate risks. However, these measures include installing an alarm system, CCTV cameras, manned guarding, and K9 Security. Dynamic Security Solutions aims to protect your property from squatters, fire, and theft. 

What are the Common Threats to Vacant Property? 

Vacant properties in the UK face a variety of risks. However, vacant buildings lead to vandalism. Trespassers are more likely to damage or deface property. Also, a valuable building may contain valuable assets that attract thieves. 

Fire hazards are a common problem in vacant buildings. Therefore, you should not leave your property vacant. However, if it is necessary to leave it behind, you should have superior Empty property security guards to ensure safety.

Let’s discuss some common risks that are more likely to occur.

Squatting Property 

Squatting refers to individuals illegally occupying a vacant property. It leads to property damage and legal complications. However, they may refuse to leave and damage the structural design. Also, they can claim legal rights to property. And it leads to the loss of your property. So don’t leave it blank or hire void property security guards services.


Empty places are highly vulnerable to illegal dumping. However, if you leave your building vacant behind, people from the surrounding area can throw away waste or rubbish. At the same time, your valuable property will lose its beauty and charm. 

Also, many diseases will be born. However, waste and rubbish can create an eyesore and health risks. So, it is a must to have a proper vacant property security inspection.

Vandalism and theft

Vacant properties are prime targets for vandalism and theft. Vandals can damage property structures. Once they get inside, they can damage windows and graffiti walls. Meanwhile, thieves can steal valuables or items left behind. Our key holding security services ensure no suspect enters through the doors and protects your assets. 

Water Ingress

When a property is not maintained properly, water ingress is more likely. However, leaking roofs and broken pipes can lead to ingress. However, if you do not manage it properly, it will lead to more mould growth and structural deterioration. 

Criminal Behaviour

Vacant buildings attract drug addicts, trespassing, and other crime gathering. At the same time, these criminal acts pose safety concerns for the surroundings. Further, it also leads to property damage. And also stop such unusual activities by hiring vacant property services for security. 

Ghost Impact

Ghosts usually live on vacant property. It is due to no one occupying such a place. At the same time, ghost properties can spoil property values and attract unwanted activities. So, don’t let your property empty. Or you can hire vacant property protection services to inspect the building daily. 

Ghost Impact

Arson means a deliberate act of setting fire to property. It is a significant threat to vacant properties. In addition, arsonists may target vacant buildings for a variety of reasons. It includes covering up vandalism, insurance fraud, or other criminal activity. Moreover, our UK security guard services ensure the prevention of such illegal acts.

How Do We Make Your Vacant Property Secure?

Want to secure your vacant property? We are here to help you with various vacant property security measures to ensure safety. Moreover, there are various services that you can use to meet your needs. Let’s explore them in depth to choose the best option.

Manned Guarding 

Vacant security guards are a great option to keep your vacant property safe. It includes deploying trained on-site guards to deter trespassers and respond quickly to security threats. 

These guards make potential intruders think twice before attempting to access the property illegally. Since their primary role is to monitor the premises. They also enforce security protocols and take immediate action if suspicious activity occurs.

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K9 Dog Units Patrolling

Using K9 dog units for patrols improves security measures for abandoned properties. They rely on the sharp senses of trained canines and handlers. Further, these units conduct regular patrols throughout the property’s perimeter and inside, using scent and sound to detect intruders. 

However, the presence of K9 units deters possible trespassers because dogs have heightened senses and can quickly notify their handlers of any unauthorised activity.

Temporary Wireless Intruder Alarms 

We use temporary wireless intrusions as a security measure. However, it is a good approach to ensure security for abandoned houses. Since these alarms are simple to install and operate since they are important for vacant property security. However, they require no sophisticated wiring. 

Also, they are easy to install and suitable for temporary or unoccupied spaces. Once activated, these alarms promptly warn specified authorities of any unwanted entrance. It allows rapid response and intervention to avoid security breaches in secure premises.

CCTV Screening 

CCTV screening is another useful way to guard your vacant property. It allows continuous monitoring and surveillance of all areas. In addition, CCTV screening enables vacant property security guards to monitor the property remotely. 

They capture live footage that you can look at in real-time. However, it provides valuable evidence to catch the suspect and take immediate action. Our vacant property protection in London can identify potential threats with live video and take appropriate action to prevent unauthorised access.

Mobile Patrol 

Mobile patrol services entail security officers frequently patrolling vacant property in vehicles. It is the foremost and an excellent resource for protecting vacant properties from illegal entry and criminal activity. 

A vacant property security officer covers the entire grounds and also undertakes interior inspections. They also help dissuade trespassers and identify potential security threats. And they take appropriate action to respond to emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vacant property means a building that’s empty for a while. In the UK, vacant property security means keeping these buildings safe. It’s important because empty places are easier targets for problems like theft or damage.

Empty properties can face many dangers, like break-ins, squatters, fires, and damage. Good security measures lower these risks, keeping the property safe and reducing any possible harm or losses.

There are various risks associated with empty premises. Vandalism and theft are more likely risks. On the other hand, unauthorised access by squatters. And arson is common in the UK. 

When checking empty properties, we do a few things to keep them safe. Patrolling regularly is key. We also set up security cameras to watch over things. Alarms and securing doors and windows also help to keep trouble away.

If there’s a security breach, the security service acts fast. They call the authorities, check what happened, and make sure it doesn’t happen again by adding more security measures.

Having guards at empty properties stops squatters from coming in. They keep an eye out for any signs of people trying to squat and take action if needed.

Having guards at empty properties stops squatters from coming in. They keep an eye out for any signs of people trying to squat and take action if needed.

Having security around the clock at empty properties lowers the chance of fires being set on purpose. Guards or cameras watch out for any strange activity or signs of fire. They act fast to stop any danger.

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