Vacant Property Security

explain the meaning of Vacant Property?

To be clear, a “vacant property”  is empty without personal belongings, appliances or furniture. On the other hand, an “unoccupied” property may still have some furniture and personal items left behind but it’s not currently being inhabited. We are experts in vacant property security Nationwide.


In the UK, ensuring security for unoccupied properties has become increasingly important. When a business property sits empty, it becomes an attractive prospect for burglars, vandals, squatters and other unwanted visitors. Therefore, it’s imperative to put in place the necessary safeguards to protect Vacant property against such invaders. Hiring our excellent Empty property security guards. It is essential to maintain control over your vacant or uninhabited premises and ensure maximum protection from harm and damage.

Unoccupied properties are a well-known and common prey for wrongdoers. Things like unruly behaviour, setting fire to the property, unlawful garbage disposal, and squatting that entails unauthorized access or occupation can lead to substantial costs for correction. Inadequate safeguarding measures make your valuable possessions vulnerable round-the-clock.

For whom is this service intended?

Experienced experts who can provide constant protection are essential for landlords, insolvency practitioners and property managers seeking reassurance that their properties remain secure at all times.

UK businesses lose thousands of pounds every year due to the expenses associated with property repairs and security measures. Dynamic Security Solutions is committed to guaranteeing that vacant properties are secure, safe, and well-prepared for sale or occupation by new tenants.

The challenges presented by unoccupied or vacant properties.

We are aware that property owners may face difficulties such as financial strain and security issues due to vacant buildings. Through our solution program, we prioritize building strong relationships with your tenants to facilitate mutually beneficial living arrangements for all parties involved. Our efforts often result in improvements made to the condition of your property upon its return!

Vacant or soon-to-be vacant properties are at risk of vandalism, theft and unlawful occupation. Dynamic Security solutions can provide capable vacant property security guards to ensure the security of your property, giving you peace of mind.

• Eviction of Squatters

As a manager of an empty property, you will be familiar with the risks associated with unauthorized occupation by squatters. Expelling these individuals can pose difficulties as they may possess considerable organization and legal knowledge enabling them to defend their rights effectively.

Dynamic Security, as specialists in vacant property protection. It will collaborate closely with your legal team and law enforcement officials to obtain an eviction order from the High Court and swiftly remove any unauthorized occupants once it has been granted.

Your property may sustain damages to doors, windows or locks when occupied by squatters. To prevent future intrusions, we’ll replace all the locks and install perforated steel security screens and doors once they’re evicted. This will help avoid any recurring incidents of this nature.

Preventative measures implemented may comprise:

  • Inspecting the outside of the structure.
  • Inspecting the area surrounding the site.
  • Looking for water penetration.
  • Inspecting for any signs or malicious damage.
  • Inspecting the common area.
  • Inspecting entryways such as doors and windows for accessibility.
  • Looking out for potential fire and electrical risks.
  • Looking for indications of invasion.

Discover further information concerning our services for protecting vacant properties below.

• Manned Guarding: void property security personnel.

Dynamic Security offers void property guard services across the UK, aimed at preventing incidents such as vandalism, theft and unauthorised access. Our vacant security support provides ongoing assurance and confidence in your business’s safety with short or long-term contractual solutions for highly responsive guard services.

Our empty property trained security guards are certified by SIA and have undergone extensive training to handle various guarding roles, such as static manned guarding, stewarding, crowd control, dog patrols, and mobile security services in addition to key holding services. We offer round-the-clock protection against all kinds of security threats through our dynamic teams that can deliver rapid responses when needed.

• Lock & Unlock Services:

Our professional security team will conduct a comprehensive check of all potential entry points on your unoccupied property and secure them. In case you require access to the premises, we’ll promptly be available to assist you through our expert team of Empty Property Security UK.

• Dog/K9 Units:

Incorporating dog unit security into your security measures introduces a new level of protection by providing an easily noticeable addition to the existing details. These canines enhance the abilities of trained empty property security officers, significantly increasing threat identification capabilities and enabling quicker reactions as well.

Utilizing a well-trained security dog is an advantageous and economical method to deliver upgraded safety measures for various situations. Security personnel, along with their canines – commonly known as “dog handlers”, can be hired temporarily or permanently; they possess expertise in collaborating with enterprises of all sizes. This service stands alone or acts as reinforcement for your present team’s efforts, affording optimal safeguarding against property vacancy threats.

What makes Dynamic Security Solutions the ideal choice for securing vacant properties?

Our capability and infrastructure enable us to offer comprehensive UK security services delivered Nationwide. Dynamic Security Solutions has accumulated an unmatched lineup of measures for minimising security and safety risks in the last fifteen years; safeguarding your personnel, estate and valuables alike. We serve UK wide various industry domains located throughout the UK with our tried-and-tested approach that ensures sureness, regularity and durability – assuring you absolute tranquillity.

Our wide range of vacant property security services and cutting-edge technological integration guarantee that we meet your unique needs. Whether you require a swift response team for remote locations or harsh environments; extended-term solutions in downtown buildings; or protection for high-value assets – we have the ideal solution tailored just for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact our company and discuss your security needs with our team. We’ll assess your requirements and provide you with trained security guards tailored to your needs.

Our security guards undergo rigorous training and background checks. They are SIA licensed, experienced, and trained in various security protocols to ensure professionalism and effectiveness.

Our security guards are closely monitored and supervised by experienced security supervisors and management staff. We use advanced technology and regular checks to ensure optimal performance.

Yes, we provide round-the-clock security guard services to ensure continuous protection for your premises, assets, and personnel.

The safety of our security guards is paramount. We provide them with comprehensive training, safety equipment, and support to ensure they can perform their duties safely and effectively.


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