Construction Site Security


Dynamic Security Solutions Ltd, provides construction site security including Manned Guarding primarily based at your premises, Traffic Marshall, Gateman, Fire Marshall , monitoring of CCTV cameras , alarm systems, and mobile patrolling the area. 

We can offer the first line of defenses on your premises with visible construction security staff mobile patrolling and remote monitoring your site preventing trespass, theft, and vandalism ensuring your property is secure and projects can move forward smoothly. 

Our SIA licensed construction security guards can deliver a complete guarding and surveillance service for your security requirements. Our services can be tailored to your construction site, whether it be a pre-build site, building site, or any other locations where manned security guarding is necessary. 

We supply construction security to a wide range of areas such as: 
  • New builds
  • Hotel refurbishment
  • Demolition sites
  • Warehouse construction
  • Road construction
  • Office restructuring
  • New homes

Construction sites are at high risk for criminals who may look to steal tools, machinery or vandalize a site close to completion. We train our construction security guard to pay close attention to these more vulnerable areas and ask our clients to securely lock up all tools and machinery at night to help our guards more closely monitor. 

 At DSS we can offer your construction site: 

  • Mobile patrol
  • Dog units & handlers
  • Access control
  • Manned guards
  • Secure key holding
  • CCTV security monitoring
  • Traffic marshals
  • Fire marshals

Our construction security guards are SIA and ISO 9001:2015 approved for the use of security guarding. 

Many empty construction sites deal with the issues and problems of travellers and homeless intruders. Our guards have maintained strict access control and ensure no unauthorized visitors enter your premises. 

In cases of large groups, our guards are trained and our 24 -hour control is on hand to advise as appropriate. A lot of our clients have praised us for our ability to deal with this. 

The public and children are also a significant issue for construction sites. Their unauthorized access is extremely dangerous. Our guards are trained to spot potential risks that may cause children to enter such as to retrieve a ball or somewhere to hide. Our officers are aware of how to tackle these issues in a sensitive but firm manner.

We like to keep our customers informed of any security issues whilst on site. Our construction security guards are aware to log all occurrences on-site to our daily occurrence log sheet and are trained to escalate any serious issues to our 24-hour control room who can call the site manager if required or deal with the issue as appropriate. Our clients appreciate the way we keep their sites and assets safe and secure and the skilled way in which our team operates. 

Our guards can even be trusted with the possession of keys at your site and ensure a successful lock up. At Dynamic Security we monitor who has a position of the keys with register and can ensure effective sign-in and sign-out procedures that are in place for our access control guards.  

Our construction security guards will be provided with full site training and will know how to deal with any issues that may occur. Please be rest assured we will always give you the best security.

Our 24-hour control room is at hand to respond to all your requirements, quotation, and service requests. We look forward to hearing from you and building a strong, trusted relationship.

Please give us a call or email us to discuss your site requirements and how we can provide our top-class service.


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