Dog Unit Security


Dynamic Security Solutions Ltd specializes in providing professional, top-class dog security services to ensure the safety of the public and client’s satisfaction in a wide range of sectors such as private, public, and government.

Our SIA qualified guards are fully trained to NASDU standards and have fully equipped vans meeting the latest industry standards. Our dog handlers and security dogs are highly trained to protect the public and ensure our services maintain their high standards. We regularly investigate new ways to improve our service through meeting with our guards, professionals, and customer feedback.

We make it a point to enhance our services with proper research, so our clients are satisfied and well protected. Our customers mainly choose to use dog security services in a large area of land for the full perimeter of the site to be checked and patrolled.

These areas can include:

  • High-crime areas
  • Corporate offices
  • Drug detection
  • Large construction sites
  • Warehouses
  • Unoccupied land and building
  • Empty Properties
  • Evictions

Our Dog security team can be used together with other security services like Mobile Patrols, Event Security, Hotel Security, or independently. Our fully licensed dogs act as a practical restraint, which protects your property and assets and act as a perfect addition to support any security patrol. The security dog plays a big role in alerting his/her handler to an intruder, helping keep your large land secure which in return means our security officers can carry out the necessary procedures to keeping your property safe.

At Dynamic Security we make it a point to enhance our services with proper research, so our clients are satisfied and well protected. We continuously create and carry out interesting and challenging strategies, such as, bomb detection, intruder alerts, detecting all kinds of drugs, and various other dog training methods, which can help our clients.

Our professional security guards and their dogs make a brilliant security team when it comes to guarding your property. We can send our trained dog handler units to anywhere in the UK at any site.

Why use Security Dogs?

Security dogs have heightened senses which allows them to identify and react to any wrongdoing faster than security guards. Our dogs can dissuade an intruder even when they are miles apart. Therefore, intruders can never get away if you have our dog security on your property, making your possessions more secure. The dog alerts its handler, who consequently carries out the process required to handle the intruder. Our security officers will also guard the premises adequately to make sure no unauthorized individual gets to your site.

Our security dogs are the best in the industry and will not be threatened in any circumstances, as they are trained to handle all kinds of the security situation. Using our security dogs together with our SIA-authorised security guards can reduce the manpower required on your site. By using our dog security service, you get highly effective security, all at a cost-effective rate.

Our dog security team and talented security officer go through constant training to keep up their skills. We train our dogs routinely to make sure they are prepared to offer high-quality services. This training also makes sure that there is an exceptional connection between the dog and its handler. This lessens the risk of an innocent person being harmed. At the time of the training, our dogs figure out how to keep up self-restraint until the danger is obvious and learns to maintain the right methods at alerting their handlers. Our security dogs are also equipped to stay calm in any non-compromising circumstance, which means they are professionally trained to be around crowds at large events.

Whether your company is at a large scale or small, a one-time gig, or needs regular assistance. We at Dynamic Security are happy to assist you.

Our guards can note all incidents found on their patrols within the logbook we provide. This will then be passed on to your staff at the point of handover. In the event of an emergency, our security officers are trained to take appropriate action and we will contact you on your out-of-hours emergency number.

Our 24-hour control team is on hand to support.

Please give us a call or email us to discuss your site requirements and how we can provide our top-class service.


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